Barn Rules

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The safety of all riders and horses at Windcrest Farm is our top priority! We ask everyone to please follow the Barn Rules...

1. No running

2. When leading a horse, always use a lead rope with the chain over the horse’s nose.

3. When passing in the aisle with your horse, it is extremely important that the path is clear and all riders are aware of your passing and have moved their horses for you. It is not safe to stand two horses together in the aisle.

4. While standing on cross ties, all horses should be facing in the same direction.

Meg Wilkison
5. Before going into the ring for your lesson, hang the halter and lead rope on the stall door hook, put any blankets in the horse’s stall and put away brushes and hoof pick. There should be nothing on the floor.

6. Mounting and dismounting of horses is done in the CENTER of the ring and riders should wait in a neat horseshow line while waiting for their lesson to begin.

7. Pick up after yourself:
Tack needs to be thoroughly cleaned and returned to its proper location in the tack room. All brushes/hoof pick should be put away. Clean horse bootsShay Meisenger and put away

8. Pick up after your horse: Hair, Manure, Hoof pickings, Etc.

In the Summer:

1. Make sure your horse is thoroughly cooled down and groomed before going back to the stall.

2. If you use fly spray, put the bottle away.

In the Winter:

1. If the weather is inclement, please call the barn before arriving for your lesson to confirm itGenna Ruschmeyer is still being held.

2. Before and after riding, cover your horse with a cooler after taking blankets off. Hang the cooler neatly back on the rack when through.

3. Make sure your horse is cool, dry, groomed and properly blanketed before returning to the stall.

4. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help if you are unsure. There are no stupid questions!










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